silver necklace

catalogue 007
diameter 198mm x 178mm, depth 15mm
Black onyx beads, threaded with spiralled silver in a 5-strand collar.
One only. £337


catalogue 006
length 95mm x 52mm wide
copper and heatherwood zoomorph brooch.
The moors are burnt back in the spring and the heather twists intointeresting shapes, to which I add wings or serpents, or just a pin and wire, so each one is unique.
Dragonfly, Serpent or Bird £95
Wood and pin £57

titanium wave kanzashi (hairpins)

catalogue 005
right: 147mm x 64mm, left: 153mm x 64mm
Titanium is very light, so these hairpins won't be too heavy to wear.
One pair only. £195

silver flower petal earrings

catalogue 004
35mm x 58mm (incl. earwire)
Silver cut and formed into petals
with semi-precious beads or baroque pearl £65
plain earstuds £57
Stones available: blue sodalite, red cornelian, green/white moss agate and black/gold pyrites.

silver moon brooch

catalogue 003
40mm x 36mm (excl. pearl)
Silver sheet, crumpled to resemble running water, with a pendant freshwaterpearl.

silver and iolite necklace, earrings

catalogue 002
necklace: 458mm x 11mm
earring: 11mm x 67mm (incl. earwire)
Patterned silver double cones, held together with a silver band, with blue iolite beads.
necklace £215
earrings £63
earrings with freshwater pearls £61
pendant and chain with pearl £42

gold necklace with tourmaline

catalogue 001
414mm x 18mm
18 carat yellow gold with green tourmaline.
Hand made chain.
Exhibited at Goldsmiths Hall.
One only. £992